my personal manifesto


I help regular people do great things …

To achieve this, I must be a model on how to do great things. That is why I am a ‘jack of all trades’. The gift that I have been blessed with is the ability to learn quickly, adapt effectively and integrate across many different disciplines – this gift is exactly the reason that I must give of myself by helping people achieve success beyond their wildest dreams.

But the first thing I must do is redefine the notion of greatness. What I am defining as greatness is not fame, wealth or power (though any of these may happen as by-products); it is having a disproportionate positive impact on people, organizations and communities relative to the resources you begin with.

You can be great by just changing one life, because every life is precious.

And everybody is gifted … just in different ways. So my purpose is to ‘tease’ out that gift from everybody I come into contact with and champion those individuals who I can tell have a burning desire to do something different and to leave an imprint.

I have 5 principles that I must live out and grow into, because I need a map on how to chart this course. I must:

Be an Artist – I must see the finished sculpture in the stone before it is even carved. I must create constantly because I never know which ideas will be the most successful. I must give my art away for the benefit of others and trust that I will reap what I sow.

Be Enchanting – I must capture imaginations with ‘deliciously irresistible’ ideas, services and products that they seek out because they connect with them on an emotional level. I must have a clear distinction between marketing and enchanting – marketing gets sales, but enchantment builds tribes.

Be a Champion – I must seek out causes that I passionately care about and then support them with abandon. I must be a voice that is heard – a leader that brings awareness and change.

Be Responsible – I must be a good steward of my resources (time, money, energy, talent) and make sure that I am not doing things indiscriminately. I must strive to be an example of order in the midst of chaos, own up to my mistakes quickly, and always seek to do everything with the highest levels of integrity.

Be Productive – I must produce results; I must make things regardless of the risk of failure; I must do this in high volume without too much pre-planning and seeking of perfection … my perfection will be found in my practice, not in my deliberation.

[This is a living, evolving document: Last Updated 1-October-2016]