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weekly review – week ending march 30, 2013

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doing teaches you a lot more than planning
how passion works in guiding your path


the fear of missing out
studying without doing


This week was primarily web design work and updating my WordPress CMS skills. Updated my sister’s fashion website homepage using CSS grid and div styling. Updated another platform website for LV and learned how to convert posts to post excerpts on the homepage as well as creating a gallery for displaying pictures.

Hard Edges

I finally updated Quicken to the point that I am comfortable setting up automated system for finances. This week’s focus is calculating amounts and scheduling all the auto-transfers.


Easter weekend is always a time of reflection for me about my faith. The most powerful thought that I need to process more and blog about this week was the idea that God is both in the Light and the Darkness in our lives. We tend to attribute too much to the Enemy without seeing what the Lord is working through us with adversity.

I’ve also started reading Decisive by one of my favorite writing teams, The Heath Brothers. Plenty to chew on here about how we make decisions and the flaws in most of our approaches to deciding.


I’m still working with my brother and his job search. I have to think through some additional strategies and contacts in my network that could help him get more traction. I need to be a better coach to him too. I’m thinking about the importance of balancing strategy, coaching and cheerleading as a general approach to mentorship.

I’m also helping another mentee with career/job search related issues that led to this post.

Lean Methods

Not much update here this week but this upcoming week, I have to use this approach to some analysis at work.