“Pee-dia” by koma


So MMMMMMMM so I’m lookin’ in my psycho-peedia and whatnot tryin’ to find a berrway and howworksit: ThisLeoPantera wooooHowBigItIs and rarrrrrrrr goesit kingit of some bungle or somethin’othrrr.

Den lookit dis molokules and howdem make-up-us and some known as pigmies in africa’s central forrist and so many seas like Mediterainin’ and whatnot.  Wha’do-I-know? Nothin’ berr’ in some . . . some in othrrs but whoKnows berrn’I all dat I knows.  Prap’s whonot knowsit cause its berr said ‘n done or zberrRespect what He knows and whatnot.